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How do I: Book a Hotel ?

1.  Login into the system

  Browse to  www.isramexpress.com

- Select your language English /French/ Russian in the ’Language’ drop down menu

Enter your agency code in the ’Agency’ field (Capital letters only!!)

Enter your password in the "*******" field (Capital letters only!!)

Enter your two letters operator code in the ’Operator Code ’ field (Capital letters only!!) 

Press the ’Login’ button in the right bottom corner

2. Selecting Type of Product 

  Deafault service is "Hotel" 

If you wish to view other products press  the down arrow below the "Product Selection" label. This will open a drop down menu with the following  products:

Car Rental – Car rental in Israel from the airport or from any other office 

Transfers – From /To the airport and between various cities within Israel

Hotel – Hotel reservations (Default selection)

Miscellaneous – Entrance to sights & Smile (VIP) airport services 

3. Hotel Rooms Reservation 

    You need to select the hotel City , You may then select the hotel grade ,
 If you want to see specific hotel you may search by entering first 3 letters.

- You may enter dates by selecting from the calendar OR you may enter dated manually in DDMMYY format (where 311209 is 31st DEC 2009) and press TAB button , you can enter no. of nights and the system will calculate check out date

- You may query for up to 4 rooms per query , if the reservation includes Children or babies you will have to enter their ages per room occupancy 

-Make sure you select correct number of passengers 

press the "Search" button

4. Search Results window
After  pressing the search button the search results will show on right side of the screen you may perform the following actions :

you may perform the following actions :
- sort the list by Name , grade , location or cheapest room price (press columns headers)
- get more information about an hotel by pressing the hotel name (green arrow)
- Open detailed price information by pressing the price label (red arrow)
-  if the room is Available you will receive immediate confirmation once the booking is saved 

To book a room select the number of rooms and press "Book" button

5. Hotel booking details window 

    In this hotel you may select meal supplements and other supplements available in the hotel for the period of booking .

Once you tag a supplement the total price of the reservation will be updated accordingly .

You are also exposed to all relevant remarks and special cancellation policy for this hotel.

To confirm press "Next "  button at the right bottom of the screen.

6. Entering Passenger details and requests
Enter passenger details in the top of the screen, children ages are copied automatically from the search screen.

You may add free text remark (please do noy use symbols like " !?@# in your remark) or select one from a preset of remarks
Press the ’Book’ button at the bottom of the page to continue

7. Adding more products and Finalizing the reservation

In the last screen you need to enter your name, you may also enter an internal office reference. You will see the reservation overall price  and  (in case you are allowed) your commission.
You will also see the price and status of each product in the reservation.
If you want to book more products in this reservation press the "Add Service" button , then search and query for another product (another hotel or different product) and add it to the reservation.
If you are finished press the "Save Booking" button .

After you add more products - to finalize the reservation you MUST press the ’Save Booking’ button  only then the system will add all products and calculate changes and issue a confirmation number and a message will show on top "Booking was saved successfully" 

Once you have saved the booking you need to press the ’Payment ’ button to pay for the reservation 

Credit cards are charged 45 days prior to the 1st day of arrival or if within 45 days - immediately. if one of the items is in "Request" you will not be asked to pay and we will approach you once it has been confirmed or wih other options

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