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How do I: Pay for a reservation ?

Once you have made and saved the reservation (see "How do I book an hotel? " )  you will  go through the payment process where you will need to supply  a valid Credit Card details .
The website supports the following credit cards : VISA , MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS

This how the Reservation screen looks like when you have saved the reservation - now you need to press the "Payment" button  

You will then be transferred to a secure (HTTPS) web page where you will need to enter your customer’s credit card details :

The amount that will be charged is the "Amount to pay" on the top of the panel. make sure you enter all necessary details (marked with red astrix) then press the ’Confirm’ button at the bottom.

Once the payment is processed by the credit company you will see the message " Credit Card transaction is confirmed" , The credit card will be charged immediately or 45 days before the first day of service - whichever is the later.
If the transaction fails you may try process it again or contact us on phone or by e mail at support@isram.co.il

Once the payment was confirmed you may select the "Print" button by doing this a payment approval will be sent to you’re e mail (the one you have registered with), pressing the ’Return to booking" will bring you back to the transaction panel. where you may immidiately send confirmations and booking documents to your customer (see "How do I email customer documents?" 

This website is for US & Canada agents only !!!

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