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How do I: E mail customer documents ?

You can e-mail  a booking document to a customer from the website, the booking document shows each service on a seperate page (no price) 

After you have saved the transaction and finalized the payment you may print and/or e mail the documents :
Customer Itinerary  - a booking document for the customer all services in the reservation (each on seperate page) without prices and with the details of our handling agent in Israel 
Agent Itinerary – this a summary of services in the reservation with their prices

Select the "Documents" tab at the top right corner of the screen , then select the type of itinerary to be sent .You can now print the document or e mail it .you can change the e mail address and send directly to your customer   

Incase of any discrepancies please inform us at support@isram.co.il or to one of our operators in +718-838-3596

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